Sharon Perkins

Sharon Perkins has been featured prominently in UK tabloids as being a glamour model gran with 32MM breasts, wanting to increase their size to become 'Britain's Biggest Boob Job'. She has been featured in The Sun, Daily Mail, Daily Star, and Mirror among others in the summer of 2017. We started talking to her on Twitter and she was very interested in modeling for YesBoobs! She's new to modeling and new to having huge boobs. At age 50, she got gigantic implants as a way to treat herself after a divorce. She has plans to go bigger, wanting 32W implants to become the bustiest woman in Britain. Sharon's newfound confidence from her bodacious rack shows in the pictures and videos she sent us. She's very proud of how she looks and her new figure. We're very happy to feature Sharon Perksins on YesBoobs and hope you all enjoy her modeling!

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