About YesBoobs and FAQ

We'll answer your most frequently asked questions and give general information about our website!

Problems logging in

If you just joined and cannot log in immediately, please be patient. This is a known problem with CCBill, it should be resolved in about 15 minutes. If not, then e-mail us with the name/email/subscriber ID you joined with and I'll take a look usually within 24 hours. Don't contact CCBill, they'll just e-mail me. We handle our customer support, not them. They don't have access to our website. Always contact me from the email address you used to sign up, it makes finding your account quicker and verifies your purchase.

Bitcoin Payment

What is Bitcoin? Bitcoin is a great way to join our site. It's as easy as PayPal to use and you get a discount. It's like exchanging your money for an equal amount in another currency.This video here explains a lot more. After joining with Bitcoin, you must e-mail me because I need to manually create the account.

Canceling Membership

Cancel your subscription here. You must be logged in first. It's actually super easy to do, though we prefer that you don't do it. :) Oh yeah and there's NO discount offered for canceling. No "special offers" will come up. Discounts come with a recurring membership. We want to reward our returning customers. You can come back at any time in the future with the same account.

Security and Privacy

We do not store any personal billing information on our server. All our payment processing is handled by CCBill, the industry leader in adult payment processing. We do not sell or share user information to anyone. We do not track our users through cross-site scripting, cookies or other tricks. We don't give out model contact info except for what is listed in our model profiles.

Do you meet fans?

Yup! Sometimes. We have been at Exxxotica in the past.

Do you have anything for free?

Yes, contact us and you can get a really cool vinyl sticker or something else that's nice.

I want to model or know someone who does

That's great. We're always interested in hearing about potential models. We like to work directly with the models, so please have them get in touch with us. Potential models should send us several pictures. We definitely want at least one recent, full body, standing topless or nude picture with good lighting. Include any relevant information like cam links, and measurements like bra size. Keep in mind that we get a lot of requests and can't work with everyone.

Hardcore content?

We want to do that eventually, it'll happen. No, we aren't hiring male talent. Update: 7/13/16 we got a blowjob video!

I want Sarah's Snapchat

She sells it here on Manyvids.

I want to join but can't use CCBill

Great! Not a problem. Joining helps keep the site going and we'll find a way to get you to become a member. Contact us to figure out alternative purchase methods.

Help! Downloads or the site are slow

Sorry to hear. Please do me a favor, go on http://www.speedtest.net/ before you e-mail us about this issue. If you're on DSL with 20 mb/s or higher, you shouldn't have any issues looking at our content. Our site will load the entire picture instead of a thumbnail first so that might take some time on slower connections. We are working on setting up a CDN as of 2017.

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